Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This association handles the private information supplied according to the following policy.

1. This association complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and ordinances and manages private information suitably.

2. Private information supplied to this association at the time of application for membership, request for documentation, registration for the e-zine or enquiry may be utilized for the business activities of the association, such as the sending of notifications concerning lectures, workshops and various meetings and bulletins, and the creation of a register, etc. In addition it may be used to send updates on EV related businesses, conduct surveys, create statistical/marketing materials and conduct research, planning and development. Furthermore, the information may still be used for the same purpose even in the case of withdrawal from the association. Also the information registered at this association may be updated in order to preserve customer information accurately.

3. Personal information under the custody of the association may be outsourced within the scope of the above purposes of use; however, the association conducts strict management and leadership of contractors.

4. Supply of personal information is at the discretion of the customer. However, please understand that in the case there are sections of information that cannot be supplied, obstacles to processes, communications or services may arise.

5. The association does not supply the above personal information to third parties without acquiring the consent of customers. (With the exclusion of cases approved by the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and ordinances.)

6. For enquiries relating to personal information

Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles
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Privacy Policy

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