EV Mobility Design Contest for International Students 2019” Entry form
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※1 Students should seek the approval of a supervisor(teacher)who can support their participation in this contest.

※2 The secretariat will contact the nominated supervisor first.

※3 Participating institutions are expected to become special members of APEV (free of charge). Please see the link below for further details of this special membership.http://www.apev.jp/en/entry/

※4In applying, you agree to the application guidelines of the Design Contest Official Site.http://www.apev.jp/contest/en/

If you have any queries, please contact:contest@apev.jp

<Privacy policy>

All of the information you provide will be used only to the extent necessary for the purposes below.

1. Supervisors and team leaders will be contacted if there are any problems with entry forms.

2. Supervisors and team leaders will be contacted to provide information about the contest.

Further, the Committee will treat your information with the greatest care, and will endeavor to prevent it being leaked or falsified.