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The racing machine this year, named “2016 Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept_One” is an electric racing car created by the collaboration of 3 exceptional companies: Tajima Motor Corporation, SIM-Drive and Rimac Automobili (Croatia). Based on the 2015 model, it is given a new chassis, new powertrain and improved all aspects further in order to fully utilize the high output of 1.1MW (Mega Watt; Approx. 1500ps).  
(1) Optimization of Rimac All Wheel Torque Vectoring: Refinement of the 4 wheel torque vectoring control enables safe and swift optimal vehicle control (acceleration, deceleration, turning) in various road surface conditions.
(2) Tire performance improved: Giti Tire (Singapore) developed further improvements such as revision of tire structure, optimizing sidewall rigidity, and stabilized tire performance on roads with great temperature variance.
(3) Aero dynamic performance improvements: Revised aerodynamic force balance, front and rear wing size and its positioning, and ride height to accomplish higher total downforce value to gain greater cornering speed. We aim for a great improvement in resulting time with all improvements working in synergy.

2016 Tajima Rimac E-Runner Concept_One

Manufacturer TAJIMA Motor Corporation
Chassis Aluminum space frame
Body Panel Carbon fiber composite
Motor 4 RIMAC motors
Battery Rimac Automobili Battery Pack 57kWh
Maximum Output/Torque 1100 kW / 1500Nm
Drive System 4WD / Rimac Chain drive single reduction transmission
Drive Control Rimac Torque Vectoring Control
Drive Shaft NTN Constant Velocity Joints
Suspension Front/Rear: Double wishbone
Brake Disc Front/Rear:φ370mm ventilated + Rimac Regenerative Brake System
Brake Caliper/Pad Front/Rear: 8 pot calipers / Winmax brake pads
Tire & Wheel Front/Rear: 340/710-18 Giti Tire, 18 x 13J Mag wheels
Overall L x W x H L5170 x W2100 x H1350 mm *including aerodynamic devices
Wheelbase 2700mm
Kerb Weight 1500kg
Performance 0-100km/h: 2.2sec / Top Speed 270km/h


The driver is Nobuhiro ‘MONSTER’ Tajima, Pikes Peak Legend and Chief Commissioner of APEV. It will be his 28th year participating in the event and in recognition of his long history of challenge and contribution to the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, he will be inducted to Hall of Fame this year. Further, the The Penrose Heritage Museum will forever display the 1993 race machine at their "Pikes Peak Hill Climb Experience" and ceremony will ensue.


He is best known as "Monster" around the world of motorsports. The name originated from his superb, wild driving style in the All Japan Dirt Trial [Rallycross] Championship. He achieved nine series wins there, then continued his dominant form in international overseas rallies. Many of Tajima's rally wins come from the Asia Pacific Rally Championship, where he won a total of five times in the 2WD division. In New Zealand, he saw a new challenge in the "Race to the Sky" hill climb. His determination helped him win a total of eight times there. Fittingly enough, the motorsport world renamed the mountain, "Tajima's Mountain." In 1988, Tajima's sights naturally fell on arguably the most famous hill climb in the world: Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Again, his perseverance helped him achieve the overall win in 1995 - a first for a Japanese competitor. In 2007, he made history by breaking the overall course record. Tajima continued his streak by finally breaking the 10-minute barrier in 2011 on the mixed-surface event. This record will forever stand in the history books.

Tajima is determined to continue his challenge at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with his electric vehicle. His company, Tajima Motor Corporation, has developed and improved on the electric vehicle from the previous year. The electric vehicle is sure to propel "Monster" up the mountain at speeds high enough to potentially break the overall course record. Tajima hopes that his vehicle will serve as a pioneer and catalyst in the "green energy" push around the motorsports world.


Born: June 28, 1950
Origination: Ishikawa Prefecture,
now residing in Tokyo

TAJIMA Motor Corporation, Chairman / CEO
SIM-Drive Corporation, President / CEO
APEV, Chief Commissioner
Iwata Creation of New Industries Council, Director
JEVRA (Japan EV Race Association), Director
JAF Certified Team ‘Monster’, Chairman
Fukuroi City Industry-Academia-Government
Collaboration Promotion Consortium, Member


Pikes Peak International Hill Climb [Colorado. U.S.A.]

1988 Showroom Stock Div. Class 3rd  
1991 PP Open Div. Class 3rd 12m34s51
1992 Unlimited Div. Class Win 12m51s63
1993 Unlimited Div. Class Win / Overall 2nd 10m44s22
1994 Unlimited Div. Class 2nd / Overall 5th 10m51s15
1995 Unlimited Div. Class Win / Overall Win 7m53s00
*Short course
(First Japanese national to win)
1996 Unlimited Div. Class 2nd / Overall 2nd 10m21s88
1998 Unlimited Div. Class 2nd / Overall 2nd 10m32s57
1999 Unlimited Div. Class 2nd / Overall 2nd 10m37s35
2006 Unlimited Div. Class Win / Overall Win 7m38s
*Short course
2007 Unlimited Div. Class Win / Overall Win 10m01s408
2008 Unlimited Div. Class Win / Overall Win 10m18s250
2009 Unlimited Div. Class Win / Overall Win 10m15s368
2010 Unlimited Div. Class Win / Overall Win 10m11s490
2011 Unlimited Div. Class Win / Overall Win 9m51s278
2012 Electric Div. Retired (The qualifier is the first place)
2013 Electric Div. EV Class Win 9m46s530
2014 Electric Modified Div. Class 3rd / Overall 4th 9m43s900
2015 Electric Modified Div. Class 2nd / Overall 2nd 9m32s401
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