Details of Activities

Action Strategy (Plan)

The APEV is aiming for ordinary citizens to be able to feasibly consider and purchase electric vehicles and drive them in towns within three years.

With the APEV taking a central role, we will form a collective of organizations, businesses and individuals who truly aspire to realize the EV/PHV/FCV business and aim for a system with the power to deliver.

Action Strategy (Plan)

Action Details (Do)

The following seven working groups will be administered. An executive will serve as a representative for each group

  1. 1. Information sharing: construct a community for the cooperation of industry, government and academia and go on to produce high value-added information.
  2. 2. Proposal of specifications/promotion of standardization: establish standards proposed by the APEV, and contribute to the improvement of reliability and safety in the industry.
  3. 3. Technical training: conduct training for EV related persons, including vehicle technicians and mechanics, in educational institutions and businesses (provision of dispatch instructors, guidance, lectures, seminars and training, etc.).
  4. 4. Policy recommendations: approach government, municipalities, and businesses.
  5. 5. Demonstration Experiments: cooperate with municipalities and enterprises to develop lifestyles and towns in which electric vehicles are present.
  6. 6. Fundraising: coordinate with financial institutions and venture capital to provide support for businesses that wish to invest in or enter the electric vehicle industry.
  7. 7. Collaborative purchasing/sales: collate the needs of participants, attempt uniform lot purchases of high-quality components at a lower price and aim to streamline the procurement of each company.

Summary of action details

Summary of action details

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership


Item FY2010 FY2011 FY2012
APEV administrative/executive office Start operations Stabilize operations  
100 companies participating within the year 300 companies participating 500 companies participating
Action 1:
Information sharing
Launch website Stabilize website operations 1,500 online registrants
Participant satisfaction level 80%
Action 2:
Standardization of specifications
Conclude baseline examination Propose standards Companies applying standards exceed 100
Action 3:
Technical training
Settle technological training system Implement original seminar program Seminar participants reach 3,000
Implement seminars
Action 4:
Policy recommendations
Settle policy recommendations   Adopt proposed details
Action 5:
Demonstration experiments
Commence demonstration experiments in two localities   Experiment results returned to the public
Action 6:
Create matching opportunities Consider micro-investment method Create strategic support fund
Action 7:
Collaborative purchasing/sales
Conclude opinion survey   Realize collaborative purchasing/sales

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The membership of the Association for the Promotion of EV/PHV/FCV is open to business enterprises which consider the commercialization of their EV/PHV/FCV, or individuals who would like to support the EV/PHV/FCV industry.Click here for the application process

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