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  1. To foster students who will lead the next generation, through designing electric vehicles with a broad range of possibilities.


  1. Participants shall be students and 18 years old or older as of April 2019.
    They can form a team of two or more members up to six.
    The types of the school do not matter and multiple teams from one school are also accepted.
    Participants in the contest shall require the approval and instructions of the professors or instructors from the school.

subject and evaluation parocess


  1. To propose a design of the future mobility which maximize the potential of zero-emission EV and to show the ways how such future mobility will be involved in the society.(Basically running on the ground)


  1. 丸First screening (About 20 teams will be selected.)
  2. 丸Second screening (About 8 finalists will be selected.)
  3. 丸Once the finalists are nominated, they shall create a poster (B1 size), by the time of award ceremony. The poster should describe “users, infrastructure, packaging, and the practicality of the new technology of the future mobility,” based on the digital data of EV presented in the first screening.
  4. 丸Final screening and award ceremony.

judge and prize


中村 史郎 氏 デザインコンサルタント&CEO (株) SHIRO NAKAMURA DESIGN ASSOCIATESMr. Shiro Nakamura


長屋 明浩 氏 ヤマハ発動(株) 執行役員 デザイン本部 本部長Mr. Akihiro Nagaya
Executive Officer, Chief General Manager,
Design Center, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

奥山 清行 氏 工業デザイナー、株式会社KEN OKUYAMA DISIGN 代表Mr. Ken Okuyama
Industrial Designer,
CEO, Ken Okuyama Design

安藤 忠雄 氏 建築家、東京大学名誉教授Mr. Tadao Ando
Architect & Professor Emeritus,
University of Tokyo

ジャン・ファン 氏 広州自動車グループ デザイン担当副社長Mr. Zhang, Fan
Vice President, Head of Design Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.,Ltd

田嶋 信博 氏 一般社団法人電気自動車普及協会 代表理事Mr. Nobuhiro Tajima
Chief Commissioner, APEV

(To be given to the finalists)

  1. Grand Pix(1 team), with 200 thousand yen as a supplementary prize
  2. METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) Minister Award(1 team), with 100 thousand yen as a supplementary prize
    MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) Minister Award(1 team), with 100 thousand yen as a supplementary prize (Applied)
  3. Company Award(several teams), official names and supplementary prizes will be decided by supporting companies
  4. Opportunity to present works in Tokyo during the Tokyo Motor Show. (Exhibition and presentation at the ceremony award)
  5. Trophy
  6. Appearance on the booklet of works in contest 2019.


中村 史郎 様Head of the Screening Committee
Shiro Nakamura
  • コメント

  • Mobility has always been changing its form with society in history. Current environment/energy issues, including global warming, have promoted electrification of cars. Problems, such as traffic congestion, depopulation, and aging society, have triggered the new technology including automated driving. Hence, the usage and design of cars will drastically change from now on.

    In this era of change, the Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV) has organized “EV Super Micro Mobility Design Contest for International Students“ since 2013, to offer opportunities for the young people who will lead the next generation to design and suggest the state of the future. In the third contest to be held this year, the target is not restricted to the super micro mobility but expanded to electric vehicles in general. I expect to see a wide variety of proposals, including the concept and scheme of the mobility society in the future and new approaches to the environment issues. I also feel that the contest itself is reaching a new level with international screening members, adequate to the purpose of the contest.

    Moreover, one of the characteristics of this contest is the workshops rich in contents. Participants will most likely be able to make further development in their design and proposal through them. Entries are anticipated to show the world the new proposals with the imagination of the designs. I look forward to many motivated applications.

Zhang, Fan様Jury member
Zhang, Fan
  • コメント

  • As the development of the EV technology and the impact of internet changing the dynamics that drives automobile industry, the revolution is at the gate! We must bravely look into the future to find the best mobility solution for human being. This is the target of the Contest, as well as the challenge to the participants. EV is only the name of a technical solution, but how to make it work in a decent way is the task to all the designers, especially those young ones full of ideas and passion. I can’t wait to see the final works of all the participants. After all, the future is in their hands.
  • 経歴

  • Zhang has obtained a MA in Transportation Design in 2002 at Tsinghua University after an Industrial Design degree at Tongji University. He then got hired by Mercedes-Benz in 2003 and spent the following 8 years at Mercedes-Benz design HQ in Sindelfingen, Germany, worked on both conceptual and production designs. He is the major exterior designer of the latest SL (R231) production car and Concept A-Class showcar, worked on the production of the A-Class (W176) and SLK (R172) exterior, participated on various Mercedes-Benz projects.

    Since June 2011, he joined the R&D force of GAEI(GAC Automotive Engineering Institute) as Design Director, overseeing all the design activities of GAC’s own young brand Trumpchi(传祺).Under his lead, a strong multicultural design team has been build, a distinguished design DNA called Flying Dynamics has been developed for all the new GAC cars. The GAC DESIGN team’s effort to bring original and high quality design to the products has been very successful, that helps GAC to become one of the fastest growing Chinese car makers.

    Since April 2016, he was appointed Vice President, Head of Design






  1. Please click on "Application" below for the entry and apply from the Entry form.



  • The Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV)


  • Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo
    Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan
    Ministry of the Environment of Japan
    Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc.(JSAE)


  • ◉ Sponsor companies confirmed for the first round. (in alphabetical order)
    Benesse Holdings, Inc.
    Car Design Academy
    Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd.
    Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    NTN Corporation
    Tools International Corporation

    ◉ Sponsor companies confirmed for the second round.
    CCC Marketing Co.,Ltd.
  • NTNロゴ
  • カーデザインアカデミー
  • 株式会社トゥールズインターナショナル
  • NISSANロゴ
  • Benesseロゴ
  • 丸紅情報システムズ株式会社
  • CCCマーケティング株式会社

◉ We are seeking additional sponsors for the final round.
Please contact

・Automobile manufacturers
・Manufacturers related to 3D CAD
・Parts manufacturers
And other industries



  • Toshio Yamashita


  • Hitoshi Arima
    APEV Commissioner & President, Arima Management Design, Ltd. Chairman, Yokohama Smart Community.


  • Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles


  • The design must be the original work of participants, and must have never been released before.
  • Submissions which defy public order and/or standards of decency, comprise slanderous statements, and/or infringe the rights or benefits of others, will not be included in the selection. Should such problems come to light even after the awarding ceremony, the works involved will still be eliminated.
  • Entering submitted work simultaneously into any other contest is forbidden. In addition, teams must obtain confirmation from APEV before sharing their progress with other organizations after having made their entry.
  • The materials submitted will not be returned. Teams are therefore advised to keep a copy for their own use if necessary.
  • Responsibility for production costs rests with the teams themselves. 3D design software, however, will be provided free of charge to the winners of the first round.
  • Regardless of which submissions are awarded, all of the intellectual property rights, such as those of visual ideas, design patents, feasible new ideas, trademarks, etc. of all participants' work will be shared with APEV. Both their implementation and use will also, in turn, require confirmation from APEV.
  • Upon entry participants are advised to take appropriate action independently, such as organizing rights protection, if deemed necessary. Should problems involving third parties arise, APEV will be unable to take any responsibility, and participants are expected to seek solutions themselves at their own costs.
  • APEV reserves the right to feature awarded works in exhibitions, websites, and media that the organization publishes. APEV will also provide information concerning awarded works to the media at press conferences.
  • Should participants' designs be realized or commercialized, their creators will be obliged to discuss copyright, terms of implementation, use, and any other rights of their work with the manufacturers and/or sponsors involved. APEV may act as an intermediary in this consultation.
  • Should participants' designs be realized or commercialized, their creators may be asked to express their involvement with the contest.
  • Names, ages, careers, photos, etc. of the winner(s) will be released in print, on the internet, and to the press.
  • Please bear in mind that participants' work and comments may be used for further research purposes.

All of the information you provide will be used only to the extent necessary for the purposes below.

  • 1. To inform participants of selection results
  • 2. To provide new information about the contest
  • 3. To make inquiries to participants about their work

Further, the Committee will also treat participants' information with the greatest care, and will endeavor to prevent it being leaked or falsified.