【Report】Press conference "Social EV" Design Contest for International Students 2022

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25th January 2022
Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles(APEV)
Masanori Suzuki, APEV Chairperson
Nobuhiro Tajima, APEV President
To whom it may concern, We would like to thank you for your continued support. The Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV) announce the launch of the fifth "APEV "Social EV" Design Contest for International Students 2022" We would like to inform you that we have held a press conference as follows. ■ Date and time: Thursday, January 20, 2022, from 14:00 to 16:00(Japan time) ■ Participants: Press, Students, Teachers, Sponsors, APEV members ■ Online meeting: On Microsoft Teams ■ Timetable [120 minutes in total] No simultaneous interpretation 1) Greetings: By Masanori Suzuki, APEV Chairperson 2) Description of APEV and Design Contest 2022:   By Secretary General and APEV Director, Eriko Araki and Executive Committee Chairperson and APEV Director, Toshio Yamashita 3) Lecture "Social Design in 2040 from the Viewpoint of Mobility x IT [ Creation]"  By Screening Committee Chairperson and APEV Director, Hiroshi Fujiwara 4) Panel discussion "Social design and human resource development in 2040 from the perspective of mobility x IT" Panelists: Four Sponsors + Hiroshi Fujiwara (Moderator: Toshio Yamashita) 5) Thanks message : By APEV President Nobuhiro Tajima, 6) Group photo session ★CONTENTS ■ Greetings from Masanori Suzuki, APEV Chairperson I was appointed Chairperson of APEV in June last year, and I am working under the philosophy of Honorary Chairperson Soichiro Fukutake, "To leave the beautiful Earth for our children in the future." In 2010, I was in charge of EV of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and promoted clean energy vehicles. I am deeply moved to be a member of the APEV this time. As you all know, based on the agreement confirmed at COP26, all stakeholders are required to make further efforts to achieve the "1.5 °C target". International rules are also under consideration, and the TCFD guidance required in the prime market this year recommends that automotive companies disclose information on CO2 emissions up to the point where fuel is manufactured, installed in vehicles, and used. (Well -to-Wheel) I participated in COPs 15 and 16 more than a dozen years ago, but I feel like I'm in a different world. I think that the automotive industry is entering a period of dramatic change that happens only once every 100 years, and there is a need for a revolution rather than an improvement in the business model. Just as telephones have changed to smartphones and new business models have been created, not only will gasoline engines be replaced by motors and batteries in automobiles, but there will also be business models such as autonomous driving, Maas / CASE, and changes in user awareness due to the introduction of AI. It is expected that major changes will progress. What is expected at such times is sensibility of young people. Considering the direction of the automobile industry, which is changing drastically, this 5th Design Contest drastically changed the design- oriented concept into a social design-oriented concept. Students will be asked to think about "social design in 2040 and the role, design, and usability of EVs." In addition, this contest is a training type that not only collects and evaluates works, but also holds three workshops. I would like to develop human resources who will lead the era of major changes from a medium- to long-term perspective. We would appreciate it if you could visit our website for various APEV activities such as workshops for high school students, promotion of regional e-mobility, technical proposals, and business matching. ■Explanation of APEV and Design Contest 2022 Eriko Araki, the secretary general, and Toshio Yamashita, the executive committee chairperson, explained the following items using materials (* Note), and then had a question and answer session with the participants. • APEV introduction • The outline of this presentation • What is "Social EV"? • What is the background of integrated human resources "architect"? • What is the role of the integrated human resources "architect"? • Contest contents • Overall schedule ■Lecture "Social Design in 2040 from the Viewpoint of Mobility x IT [ Creation]" Screening committee chairperson Hiroshi Fujiwara explained the following items using materials (* Note). ~ Consideration of social background in 2040 ~ 1. Social conditions (what are the means of people's lives and transportation?) 2. How is mobility, including EV, evolving? 3. How is social infrastructure evolving? 4. What value does technology give people? ■ Panel discussion "Social design and human resource development in 2040 from the perspective of mobility x IT" Panelists were Akira Nakajima, General Manager, Dell Technologies Japan Inc. Toru Nakayama, Client Engineering, IBM Japan, Ltd. Shogo Ono, Product Strategy Department, Hino Motors, Ltd. Ayako Suzuki, General Manager, MONET Technologies Inc. Hiroshi Fujiwara, Screening committee chairperson The moderator was the executive committee chairperson, Toshio Yamashita who gave a presentation (* Note) and comments with the following contents, and panelists expressed their expectations for the students who will participate this contest. 1. "Business purpose, issues being tackled, and thoughts of sponsorship" by each sponsor company 2. What is essential for social design in 2040? 3. Expectations and challenges related to human resources and education that will lead 2040. ■Thanks message : Nobuhiro Tajima, APEV President In 2010, we established this association with Benesse's Soichiro Fukutake (currently Honorary Chairperson), thinking that it is necessary to popularize EVs to prevent global warming. Nowadays, EVs have become widespread worldwide, and the original purpose is being achieved. From now on, the connection with society will become important as represented by CASE and MaaS. Under such circumstances, today, Screening committee chairperson Hiroshi Fujiwara gave an advanced talk centered on IT and the sponsoring companies announced their efforts. Please understand the purpose of the major renewal of the contest and the proposal of "Social EV", and please report this contest. We look forward to the participation of supporting companies and students. * Note: The presentation materials are here(In Japanese) https://www.apev.jp/contest/2022/files.html ■ Video recording: Will be released on YouTube by the end of January ★Please refer full report with photos. [Administration Office] Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles III FUKUTAKE HALL THE UNIVERSITY OF TOKYO 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, JAPAN TEL : +81-50-3375-4937 E-MAIL : contest@apev.jp

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