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The recent various trials related to the development 
Super Micro Mobilities (SMMs) are being conducted in the private sector. 
Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles(APEV) intends to
 promote related activities to contribute to society and to offer 
the students who will lead the next generation the opportunity 
to experience the excitement and joy of manufacturing. 
With these objectives in mind, we held the first EV Super Micro Mobility
 Design Contest in 2013, which enjoyed many participants.

 This year, we plan to hold a second contest, coinciding with 

Now entries were closed and many teams of students have applied. 
APEV proudly announce the result of application as follows.

★Total:44 Schools / 98 Teams.
★ From Japan: 30 Schools / 59 Teams. 
★From overseas: 6 countries,14 Schools / 39 Teams.
 (Taiwan:5 Schools / 15 Teams,Korea:3 Schools / 8 Teams, 
    China:2 Schools / 6 Teams,  India:2 Schools / 4 Teams,
    Italy:1 School / 4 Teams,  Sri Lanka :1 School / 2 Teams)

Gen Yasujima   EV Design Contest Secretary-General 
Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV)
 TEL:+81-50-3736-8325 FAX:+81-50-3153-2686
Website: https://www.apev.jp/contest/en/
We proudly announce the Association for the Promotion of Electric 
Vehicles (APEV) formed the 'Pikes Peak EV
Challenge Committee' and once again moves forward with the fourth year 
challenge as "TEAM APEV with MONSTER SPORT" at the Pikes Peak 
International Hill Climb in Colorado U.S.A. from June 22nd through 28th 
of 2015.
Please refer the url below in more detail.


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