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<To APEV members and the press>
 Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV) is now holding the EV Mobility Design Contest for International Students 2017.

 We are pleased to inform the workshop 1 (WS1) was held. We invited the teams which passed the first screening to WS1. We have 23 teams from 16 schools that passed the first screening, and 10 teams from 8 schools of them joined WS1.

・Schools:Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Chiba University,
 Graduate School of Chiba University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Tokyo Communication Art, Nagoya City University, Nihon Kougakuin College, HAL Nagoya
・Date:July 1st (Sat.) 10 A.M.~6 P.M.
・Venue: café 1886 at Bosch, Shibuya, Tokyo
・Lecturers:Toshio Yamashita (Commissioner of APEV, EV Contest Executive Committee Chairman), Takeru Can (Nori, inc. Design Director)

 In the morning, the students presented about their design proposal for the first screening in 3 minutes. Lecturers and representatives of the sponsors gave some comments to students. "We expect that students could deeply understand the significance of concepts and designs through this workshop" said Mr. Yamashita, Executive Committee Chairman.

In the afternoon, lectures about how to represent ideas of designs, packages that focused on seating posture of occupant, and ways to draw sketches were delivered.

Time for teams to elaborate designs and concepts was set after the lectures. Lecturers and representatives of the sponsors gave advices and responded to individual consultation.

Mr. Yamashita encouraged everyone in the end, "I expect all teams to raise the level of works, and I am looking forward to seeing you at the workshop 2 after the second screening."

 Organizers took videos of WS1 and will deliver in Japanese and English for students, sponsor companies, supporting groups, and APEV members that couldn't participate in the workshop this time.

 We sincerely acknowledge Bosch Co., Ltd., who provided venue and reception party for workshop 1, and representatives of the following sponsor companies: Car Design Academy, TOOLS INT'L, Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd, Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd.

★Please refer pdf file in full detail.
Gen Yasujima   EV Design Contest Secretary-General 
Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV)
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