REPORT:Final Screening and Award Ceremony of EV Mobility Design Contest for International Students 2019

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To whom it may concern,
We Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV) is holding"EV Mobility Design Contest for International Students" for the fourth time. 
We would like to inform you that we have held the "Final Screening and Awards Ceremony and APEV Symposium" as part of the "Tokyo Motor Show Symposium 2019" program. 
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the visitors.

Date & time:27th Oct.2019(Sun)10:30~16:30
Place:Tokyo Big sight Conference Tower 6F Meeting room 605-608

〇Morning session:10:30~12:30 
1)Greeting by Hiroshi Yokokawa, APEV Chairperson

2)Keynote speech:"Cars 100 Years Later - Motor/ Capacitor/ Wireless -" by Mr.Yoichi Hori,Professor,The University of Tokyo
Mr.Hori talked about an electric car that uses a capacitor as a power source while charging wirelessly without loading heavy batteries.

3)Panel discussion:In the period of once-in-a-century revolution in the automotive industry"How should the design education be?
 Mr.Shiro Nakamura, Mr.Kiyoyuki Okuyama and Mr.Akihiro Nagaya  who served as judges of the design contest, were panelists, and Toshio Yamashita (Representative of INTERROBANG DESIGN Co., Ltd./APEV Director) was moderated. 
They discussed how to deal with issues such as MaaS / SDGs from the three perspectives of designers, mission, education, and passion.
Please see presentation material:

〇Afternoon session:13:30~16:30  
4)Exlanation of APEV and the contest by Nobuhiro Tajima,APEV President 
Please see presentation material:

5)Final presentation by students'10 teams which passed the second screening

6)Lecture:"Future  of EV powered by solar energy" by Dr.Yoshio Hirota,Adjunct Researcher, Research Institute of Electric-driven Vehicles,Waseda University /Operating Agent,Task 17 'PV and Transport'PVPS,IEA.
Dr.Hirota spoke about a practical electric vehicle that runs on solar energy alone without using fossil fuels, which is being studied as the manager of the International Energy Agency Solar Power System Program Task 17 'PV and Transport'.

7)Screening Meeting

8)Award ceremony:As a result of the screening, the presenter presented a certificate,trophy, and prize catalog. 
There were comments from the judges that the presentation has evolved year by year.

<Awarded Teams>Name of Awards:Country/School/Team/Prize
Excellent Award Grand Prize:Japan/HAL Tokyo/APEX/200,000 Yen
Minister of Economy,Trade and Industry Award:Japan/HAL Osaka/T2D/100,000 Yen
Minister of Land,Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism Award:Japan/Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology/AIIT TOKYO/100,000 Yen
Car Design Academy Award:Japan/ Chiba Institute of Technology/HyKs/Free subscription to the "CDA Total Course" at Car Design Academy for one member of the team.
TOOLS INTERNATIONAL Award:Tunisia/Car Design Academy/Jimaxon/COPIC 30th anniversary set
Benesse Award:Korea/ Incheon National University/ID-WORKS/Benesse Art Site Naoshima 2020  Calendar& Yayoi Kusama folder 2 types
CCC MARKETING Award:Japan/ Tokyo University of Technology/Kurage/T point: One hundread thusand points

■Summary of the design contest by Toshio Yamashita Executive Committee Chairman
Themes of this year's works included disasters, aging society, environment,lifestyle, education, etc., and I felt that the students' 
awareness of issues in the world has deepened.
I should note that this contest reflects the international perspective as we can see in the list of themes. 
Also, I would like to mention that the advice to each team in the two times workshops held in between each screening effectively improved the final works.
I appreciate the support from the members of the screening committee,sponsors and supporters which made it possible for us to organize this contest.
As the executive committee, we would like to keep on putting more efforts to make the next contest even better.

★Please see attached report with photos.

Gen Yasujima   EV Design Contest Secretary-General 
Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV)
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo  113-0033  JAPAN
Tel: +81-50-3375-4937   FAX: +81-50-3153-2686

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